Upcoming book chronicles Narragansett Bay Watershed’s central role in local economies

The economic history of Narragansett Bay Watershed is inextricably intertwined with the bay, its rivers, and the settlements that developed within it over the past three centuries.  Through the decades, the way local communities depend on the watershed has fluctuated. For example, as the industrial base of the region’s economy faded during the twentieth century, new approaches and the revitalization of older sectors such as fishing and tourism have brought the watershed back to the heart of economic activity.  From this changing relationship to the watershed has grown a broader awareness and appreciation not only of Narragansett Bay Watershed’s centrality to the region but also to the damage done to it over the years and the need to reclaim and refresh its invaluable resources.

Historian Maury Klein has detailed this ever-evolving relationship between local communities and their reliance on the natural environment in the soon-to-be-released book, The Ebb and Flow of the Narragansett Bay Watershed: An Economic History.

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